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      1. 新聞資訊

        Halogen free gloves, gloves and gloves,丁晴手套、無鹵丁腈手套


                產品規格: 9英寸、12英寸;




                包裝:50雙/10盒,20包/箱 ,1000雙/箱;




        The use of halogen-free NBR gloves, nitrile gloves imported halogen-free is widely used in aerospace electronics, precision electronics, LCD LCD, LCM module, TFT, IC, semiconductor chips, optical lens, mobile phone, camera, projector, camera lens, plastic spraying, food, medical equipment, magnetic head, FPC flexible circuit board technology in the field of. Our company has sold all over the world.

        Clean gloves, Ding Qing gloves
        Product specifications: 9 inches, 12 inches;
        Item name: imported gloves, gloves, clean gloves, 100 level |100, a thousand |1000 class, class |10000 gloves, halogen free gloves, gloves, non halogen gloves;
        Color: blue, white;
        Size: XS\S\M\L\XL;
        Packing: 50 pairs of /10 boxes, 20 packs / case, 1000 pairs / box;
        Features: fingertips pitted, wearing comfortable, no powder tensile force of super strength, the hand can be flexible, 100 sterilization imported NBR gloves, anti-static sealed;
        Style: Ma, Ma Ma, means, so smooth;
        Recommended for use in clean rooms with higher grades;

        粵公網安備 44030602001686號