At last i found the “KEY” to be more productive in less time

The centre of interest or activity. :- FOCUS

1. Meditate :

Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness , either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself.

“Don’t hate the arising of thoughts or stop the thoughts that do arise. Simply realize that our original mind, right from the start, is beyond thought, so that no matter what, you never get involved with thoughts. Illuminate original mind, and no other understanding is necessary.” ~Zen Master Bankei Yotaku

2. Music helps a lot

yes. Listening to music can actually help you focus, but you have to like it.

In a study found that listening to music that you like could help you focus on your own thoughts. Researchers from the Wake Forest School of Medicine and the University of North Carolina Greensboro recruited 21 young adults and placed them in an MRI scanner as they played songs that varied in genre. The selections included “Movement I from Symphony No.5” by Beethoven (classical), “Water” by Brad Paisley (country), “OMG” by Usher (rap/hip-hop), “Rock ‘N Roll All Nite” by KISS (rock) and “Spring Hall” by the Chinese Jinna Opera Band (unfamiliar genre).

What the results showed was actually pretty unexpected. When the research subjects listened to a preferred or a favorite song of theirs, they were better connected to a part of the brain called the default mode network, which is tied to how humans are able to switch between thinking about what’s going on around them and their self-referential thoughts.

3. Trim the goals make them more easy

I’ve found that having just an end goal in mind, while providing an initial drive, can confuse and frustrate a person, and you lose focus. That’s because if your target goal is difficult or big (as it should be), then you may not see any immediate results which bring you closer to it. Break it down into smaller targets, improvements that you ca achieve within a day or a week, and check it off as another rung to your ‘ladder’ of success.

4. Feeling comfortable its time to do your work

Some people work better at day, some at night, Sometimes your environment may just not allow you to relax during the daytime. I don’t mean stay awake the whole night and work the whole day. Get your sleep, but work when you find yourself to be the most productive.

5. Fasting will help

Fasting does good things for the brain, and this is evident by all of the beneficial neurochemical changes that happen in the brain when we fast. It also improves cognitive function, increases neurotrophic factors, increases stress resistance, and reduces inflammation.

“Calorie restriction (CR) extends life span and retards age-related chronic diseases in a variety of species, including rats, mice, fish, flies, worms, and yeast. The mechanism or mechanisms through which this occurs are unclear.”

6. Force yourself a little

Sometimes when we’re feeling lazy, we need that little push to get us out of our state of inertia. That’s ok, having to force yourself to start working is normal, the flow comes as you go on. However, there are times when you hit a mental wall, and you’re mind simply refuses to go on with something. Don’t force yourself too much at this point, even if you end up working it won’t be really productive. Go do something else, let off some steam, preferably something much different from the work you were doing.

7. Delay gratification

There was a TED talk on how people who delayed gratification were more likely to succeed. I think there is some merit in this statement; people who can delay immediate gratification can focus better on the bigger picture and not be distracted. Incorporate this as an exercise in your daily life…let someone else have the last donut, don’t smoke that cigarette right now, say no to the extra cheese, don’t have fries with that, let that itch torture you a bit more, run away before climaxing…you get the point. At some point you’ll realize its easier to say no to a lot of things, which means you have more yeses for the right things.

8. Wear comfortable clothes

Loving oneself isn’t hard, when you understand who and what ‘yourself’ is. It has nothing to do with the shape of your face, the size of your eyes, the length of your hair or the quality of your clothes. It’s so beyond all of those things and it’s what gives life to everything about you. Your own self is such a treasure. Phylicia Rashad

9. Nature will help you

The singing if birds. The crackling of twigs. The sound of wind through the branches. The babbling of a brook. The sound of waves. Just sit and listen sometimes. You’ll feel at peace and calm. And being calm really lets you focus.

10 Take a break

Before starting something or while ending a work session. Wind down gently, don’t rush into something else. A 5 minute silent breathing exercise helps a lot.

13. Exercise

Exercise helps trigger endorphins, which improve the prioritizing functions of the brain. After exercise, your ability to sort out priorities improves, allowing you to block out distractions and better concentrate on the task at hand. Your brain remembers more when your body is active.


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