Smart way to keep your brain healthy and young


The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.

David Bailey

Reading gives workout to your memory.

Reading gives your brain a different kind of workout than watching TV or listening to the radio. Whether you’re absorbed in a page-turner or simply scanning an instruction manual for your coffee maker, “parts of the brain that have evolved for other functions—such as vision, language, and associative learning—connect in a specific neural circuit for reading,

keeps your brain young.

Digging into a good book can literally take years off your mind, according to a recent study from Rush University Medical Center as reported by Prevention. Adults who spent their downtime doing creative or intellectual activities (like reading) had a 32 percent slower rate of cognitive decline later in life than those who did not. “Brainy pursuits make the brain more efficient by changing its structure to continue functioning properly in spite of age-related neuropathologies,


Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills

Have you ever read an amazing mystery novel, and solved the mystery yourself before finishing the book? If so, you were able to put critical and analytical thinking to work by taking note of all the details provided and sorting them out to determine.

Reading can melt away stress.

Snuggling up with a good read tamps down levels of unhealthy stress hormones such as cortisol, Weight Watchers recently reported. In a British study, participants engaged in an anxiety-provoking activity and then either read for a few minutes, listened to music, or played video games. The stress levels of those who read dropped 67 percent, which was a more significant dip than that of the other groups.


Reading boosts your vocabulary.

Even if it’s been decades since you had to worry about the SATs, you can still use books to expand your mental dictionary. In fact, researchers estimate that we learn five to 15 percent of all the words we know through reading, according to a Scholastic report. This is particularly important for children, whose vocabulary size is directly and dramatically related to the books they read.


Improves your quality of Conversation.

Your vast array of new found knowledge will help you to become more involved in discussions, you will be more able to instigate much more varied and interesting levels of conversations.

Obtaining more information will give you a distinct advantage over the others because you will have gathered a much wider understanding of many subjects and topics of conversation. Limited knowledge can seriously hold you back and leave you feeling left out in some social situations.

Ultimately, this will make you a very much more interesting and refreshing person to be around. 

Conversation Reading Engages your Imagination

Story books can engage you in a world which is miles apart from our own, here you can have a glimpse of what goes on in the lives of many fictional characters.

When you engage your curious mind in a book you can experience empathy, sympathy and compassion with these make believe characters, this shows the power of your imagination as you bring these people and their experiences to life.

Helps you to figure out different opinions

When you read a book you make an opinion about the context or you have no opinion every time you read a book you will be astonished to know how author’s opinion about the thing affects you and helps you to thing in a new way.

It creates new brain cells and in future provide you the better understating to cope with the situation therefore you are getting better in problem solving, tackling the situation.







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