Gossip is the enemy how to stay away



Figure out negative gossip . Not all gossip is necessarily bad, so you don’t need to completely eradicate it from your life. You should, however, learn to differentiate between harmless gossip and the kind of gossip that hurts people.

  • People who are spreading gossip (and most people do at some time or another) don’t spend a lot of time getting facts. In fact, they have usually heard the information they’re spreading second or third hand.

There is no point  of repeating the information is. Human beings are social creatures and gossip is part of the framework of society. It can help to maintain social norms and keep people’s worse instinct in check, if they think people are paying attention to what they’re doing. It can also be used, however, to destroy reputations, and lift the gossiper’s status at the expense of other people.

Figure out the people often gossip and filter them in order to make your life better.

Know the problem behind the gossip. Sometimes the reasons that you’re gossiping about someone is because you’re angry about them or something they’ve done wrong to that you dont like. Consider why what they’re doing bothers you . Sometimes, it’s because you’re guilty of the same practice yourself.

Do something about the problem. Sometimes, instead of just venting to every person you meet, you should figure out a solution to the root problem. This may require talking to the person about whom you’re gossiping, but it can often foster a more healthy and trusting network of relationships.

Give a specific time limit if you cant help it. If you can’t help but talk about a certain person or a certain time limit, set yourself a specific amount of time to talk about it. Once that time is up, you’re finished and you can focus your energies on something more positive.

Figure out appropriate response. When someone comes to you with a juicy bit of harmful gossip, find a way to deflect the situation, or make the gossiper aware of the harmful nature of what they’re saying,

Changing the subject will be a better way. Sometimes you just have to move away from negative gossiping and focus on something more positive. try to do this without blaming the gossiper, because that can turn their ire on you.

Disengage yourself. In the end, if you can’t turn the topic of the conversation, it’s best to walk away or explain that you’re not interested in hearing that type of gossip. You may irritate the person gossiping and they might say things about you, which are welcome to contradict. However, it might be best simply to not engage with that type of situation.

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